About US

about us

Welcome to The Hive Green Beauty & Wellness!

Welcome to The Hive, my name is Jennifer Windsor and I am the owner of Woodstock’s first Green Beauty Bar pairing organic and elegant services with the finest products on the market. The Hive Green Beauty and Wellness Bar was inspired by my experiences within the health and beauty industry, my love for nature, wellness and passion for creating a supportive and empowering environment. I have researched, experimented and explored buying and making my own natural beauty and household products for the last 6 years. Since being pregnant with my first son, I became motivated to be a more informed consumer with a goal of decreasing my exposure to chemicals and to become more aware about the waste we as a family were producing through excess packaging and consumption of one time use products. Through this process, a passion ignited to extend my knowledge and love to the health and beauty industry to provide others (LIKE YOU:) an opportunity to obtain quality beauty services and carefully curated products that are naturally derived, free of harmful chemicals, vegan friendly and when possible, Canadian or locally made!

Our Mission

To enhance beauty and confidence in our clients by providing the highest degree of customer service, using innovative techniques and superior green beauty products. We aim to serve our clients with an experience that soothes the soul, relaxes the mind and body and allows a deeper connection to nature. Beyond creating beauty in our clients, at The Hive, we will strive to minimize our ecological footprint by focusing on using sustainable products and practices that will ensure our community and Earth will remain protected and beautiful for generations to come!